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Transport, Logistics and Warehousing

The supply chain industry is an important industry for Australia and the global community, responsible for moving our economy, our people and goods to each corner of the globe.

About the industry

An all encompassing sector, that involves the success and reliability of automobiles, planes and water vehicles just to name a few. An important industry sector in the economy that deals with the movement of people and products and storage of stock.

The transport industry is set to reach new heights in the near future, with automated electric vehicles, something we once dreamed of, are now becoming a reality. Emerging automated vehicle providers such as Navya, EasyMile, Aurrigo and Local Motors are trialling and demonstrating their technologies in partnership with Australian universities, local companies and transport authorities. A career in this sector could mean you are playing an important role in the future of transport for generations to come.

The Transport, Logistics and Warehousing industry needs...


... to be bold and innovative when it comes to new world thinking and methods of transport


... to safety consider each component of a task and be methodological in their approach


... to connect ideas from the past with ideas of the future


... to move the transport industry forward and think outside of traditional practices

Expectation vs Reality

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    Big company success

    To be successful a technology industry you have to work in a big Silicon Valley Company

    Technology is required everywhere

    Every business, big or small, relies on technology in some form. Wherever you are there will always be a job


Technology affects the way individuals communicate, learn and think. Especially during these unpredictable times, now more than ever before when society feels isolated and more distanced, technology is the one thing that brings us closer together. Technology plays an important role on the way in which people interact with each other, our decision making processes and the success of many industries across the world.

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