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Energy, gas and oil

The energy industry is a fast paced, growing sector in Australia, consisting of two sub- industries, “energy equipment and services” and “oil, gas, and consumable fuels”.

About the industry

Being involved in this dynamic environment encompasses all economic activity in relation to the generation, distribution and supply of electricity and gas to end users. This helps to power businesses, homes and health services just to name a few. Energy is vital for powering our world. The energy industry also includes secondary sources such as electricity. Energy prices in accordance with the earnings performance of energy-producers, are largely driven by the supply and demand for worldwide energy.

The Energy, gas and oil industry needs...

Movers deliver tailor-made energy solutions that help Queensland businesses solve their most complex energy challenges, which often means out of the box thinking.

Planners have attention to detail and organisation are essential to achieving outcomes in a set period of time.

Connectors foster industry relationships, and build solid networks to operate within.

Thinkers find intelligent solutions and solve complex challenges to deliver maximum value for our customers.

Myth vs Reality

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    No creative thinking

    A Myth we hear about the industry is that there is no room for creative thinking, or new ways of working in an industry that has been around for decades.

    Creativity is needed

    In reality, the industry relies heavily on innovation, creative solutions and flexibility, in all areas of the industry.
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    An isolating profession

    Teamwork and personal interaction does not occur in the energy industry

    The industry thrives off interpersonal interaction

    A profession in energy also requires interpersonal skills when dealing with customers in businesses, homes and many other workplaces

What positive impact does the energy industry have on the world?

The electricity sector, like many industries, is undergoing a rapid period of transformation across the globe. As new products like solar, battery and electric vehicles become more accessible, evolving technology, greater choice, improved data analytics and customer desire for more control are driving many of these changes and customers’ expectations are shifting.

We play a key role in providing secure, affordable and sustainable energy solutions with customers across Queensland, and interstate, and we place the customer at the centre of everything we do.

Our energy, gas and oil partners