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Student Registration Form

Welcome to UNIQ YOU!

We are excited to start connecting your daughter or child in your care with strong, positive, female role models working in a variety of unique and interesting roles and industries. You can find out more information about UNIQ YOU at

In order to provide an immersive, valuable and emotive experience, we facilitate 30 minute live 1:1 video calls between female students, their educators and our UNIQ You Advisors who are female volunteers keen to help increase the girls’ education and understanding of often under-represented industries and pathways.

Your child’s safety is paramount at UNIQ You. As such, all advisors have current and state-relevant Blue Cards, and an educator employed by your child’s school is required to supervise all calls.

For your daughter or child in your care to participate in the service, it’s important we bring your attention to some specific aspects of our operations:

Data Collection

1) We will be collecting the data included in this registration form (yours and hers) in order to set her up in her school’s UNIQ You booking system
2) Additional data collected during the experience will include:
a) Pre and post-call surveys to help us understand the needs of Grade 9-12 girls when it comes to career advice and mentoring services
b) Questions she would like to ask the advisor, which will help guide the conversation as well as add to developing rich insights around how young girls view these particular career pathways

You can see more information about this detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Recording Image and Audio of Students

1) All video calls will be recorded and stored securely and confidentially. The contents of the recordings will only be accessible by UNIQ You staff and may be used for:
a) Internal review for best practices and to improve the service
b) To address any child safety-related concerns that may arise
c) Potentially for promotional or additional content development for the UNIQ You service and website – however we will seek additional permission for this use if content featuring your daughter is selected.

If you would prefer not to offer consent to any of the above, please contact your School Coordinator who sent you this registration link to look at alternative arrangements.

Student Registration Form

The following form must be completed by the parent or guardian of the female Grade 9-12 student registering to participate in the UNIQ You service: