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Empowerment in focus this Womens Health Week


From 4-8 September, it was Women’s Health Week. At the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), we recognise that wellbeing is super important and make it a priority to share all the resources we can to support our employees to feel the best they can!

We’d also like to encourage you to check in with yourself and your own wellbeing this month (or anytime!). Here are some steps you could take yourself or with the help of a parental figure:

  1. Sleep: Quality sleep is vital! Try a wind-down routine in the evenings to get better rest.
  2. Get moving: Find enjoyable ways to stay active. The best exercise is the exercise you do!
  3. Practice mindfulness: Could be as simple as a few deep breaths or a 5-minute meditation.
  4. Eat well: Nourish your body with a variety of foods.
  5. Connect: Strengthen relationships with friends and family.
  6. Check those thoughts: If you’re struggling mentally, reach out to a trusted adult and check out Headspace for further support.
  7. Book a check-up: Prioritise health check-ups for prevention and early intervention (for example, a skin check). 
  8. Accept your uniqueness: Celebrate your individuality – there’s only one you!

Health and wellbeing is an ongoing journey. The awesome thing is that taking some of these steps now can make a huge impact on what you experience in the future!