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Defence and Public Safety

Frontline Police Officer

The uniform the community calls upon in times of need
  • Analytical
  • Logical
  • Meticulous
  • Observant
  • Rational

About this role

  • Communication
  • Critical-thinking
  • Digital literacy
  • Enthusiasm for learning
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork

A job where no two days are ever the same!

A typical day as a Frontline Police Officer can be exciting, unpredictable and challenging. An average shift could see an officer make an arrest, engage with and protect members of the community, and respond to sometimes scary and unfamiliar situations.

A Frontline Police Officer, is the person the community looks to for answers, support, and leadership. A Frontline Police Officer is the human behind the uniform, who wants to do that little bit extra to make the community feel safe, to brighten people’s day, and to make the bad things feel a little easier to deal with. Being a Police Officer means learning, growing and being challenged everyday. It involves lots of new experiences, a fair bit of paperwork, but mostly a lot of fun.


  • Moderate

Working Environment

  • In an office
  • Outside


  • Domestic travel
  • Meeting new people
  • Mentoring

Need to know

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    There are more than 35 pathways for an officer to choose from throughout their career.