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TMR program to bolster the presence of women in leadership roles

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has more than 11,000 employees situated across Queensland. We play a pivotal role in delivering an integrated network accessible to all.  

Whether we are delivering large-scale infrastructure projects, providing up to the minute travel information, or helping to make our roads safer for everyone, what we do makes a big difference to people the length and breadth of our state. 

With such a big task, it’s crucial we are considering all aspects that support our people. One of those aspects is making sure we recognise that traditionally, women may have faced barriers within their workplace. This is somewhat more prominent in the traditionally male-dominated fields such as STEM, which makes up a large component of our workforce.  

In recognition of this challenge, we have successfully launched our first cohort of ‘The Leadership Ladder’ program which is dedicated to bolstering the presence of women in TMR leadership roles, particularly within the STEM field where we see less female representation.  

The Leadership Ladder program has been specifically designed to prepare participants for progression into executive roles. Over a period of 12 months, participants in the program will engage in formal learning sessions, receive coaching, develop career plans, and be paired with executive sponsors.  

This program is unique to TMR and offers many benefits, including industry networking opportunities, learning from other accomplished female leaders, and building valuable connections within our organisation.  

By concentrating on the growth and development of our emerging female leaders, we hope to enhance their confidence in pursuing executive roles.  

In coming months we will profile some of the program participants and share “A day in the life” story to provide you with a window into their work world.