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UQ Women in Computing program inspires future women in tech

The Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group, through the Digital Professional Workforce Action Plan, is partnering with the University of Queensland’s (UQ’s) Women in Computing (WiC) program to foster diversity and inclusion in the technology sector. This initiative aims to encourage girls and women to pursue study and careers in technology, ultimately contributing to a more skilled and diverse tech workforce.

WiC accomplishes its mission through a multifaceted approach, offering hands-on discovery workshops, presentations, networking events and mentoring opportunities to inspire and guide female students towards a fulfilling future in technology. The program recognises that regardless of one’s interests and career aspirations, technology will play an integral role in their journey.

One of the key aspects of WiC is its commitment to sharing experiences and insights from tech professionals with unique backgrounds and perspectives. Through presentations and discussions with high schools, students can gain valuable advice and tips for pursuing a tech career. Additionally, peer support is provided to UQ students, creating a safe space for them to connect and boost their confidence in their tech skills and abilities.

WiC facilitates connections with the tech industry, offering students authentic experiences through industry events, work placements, seminars and field trips. The program also offers mentoring that supports students from their very first semester, helping them develop the skills and connections necessary to kickstart a successful tech career.

WiC’s interactive workshops provide students with the chance to explore the world of computer science and tech firsthand, from coding robots to testing air quality in classrooms. These hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences help students think like computer scientists and IT professionals, fostering excitement and interest in these fields.

A degree in Computer Science or Information Technology offers advantages including being well-paid, flexible and global with remote work opportunities. With Australia projected to require an additional 286,000 tech professionals by 2025, the tech industry presents a promising job market.

UQ’s Women in Computing program is not just empowering women to pursue tech careers; it’s creating a diverse and inclusive pipeline of talent that will shape the future of the technology sector.

WiC is inspiring the next generation of tech leaders and paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive tech industry. To find out more visit or email [email protected]