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The world is digital, come and see how you can be a part of it!


Digitrek, a digital careers roadshow, will provide regional Queenslanders a chance to learn about the latest digital technologies, study and career options available, and what a job in digital looks like.

The roadshow will be held across four days from 22 – 26 May 2023 in the following locations:

  • Roma: Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 May
  • Dalby: Wednesday 24 May
  • Kingaroy: Thursday 25 May
  • Toowoomba: Friday 26 May

Digitrek will provide the opportunity to participate in free face-to-face workshops showcasing the career and business opportunities that can be harnessed through cutting-edge technology.

Participants will gain insights into the digital skills required by the workforce of the future in response to the demand for technology, cyber security and artificial intelligence specialists which continues to grow across the state.

Events are designed to meet the needs of high school students, as well as businesses and interested community members and they’ll be able to:

  • meet the Australian Army Drone Racing Team as they showcase how STEM and drones can be used for agricultural and business applications
  • hear from Fujitsu who will demystify Artificial Intelligence and how it can be used
  • discover how advances in technology are being used by famers to make farming more efficient
  • design and prototype with 3D printing and develop algorithms that can identify an object and track its movement 
  • learn how businesses can protect themselves and their customers from cyber hacks. 

Digitrek is also coming to FarmFest, Toowoomba from Tuesday 6 – Thursday 8 June, 2023. Attendees will learn about new and emerging tech in a fun and engaging way where they can interact with an autonomous robot frill neck lizard, or become a cyber- sleuth and crack the hacks and scams.

There’s never been a better time to learn about digital careers and opportunities, with demand for digital skills at an all-time high.

To learn more or to register to attend the Digitrek Regional Roadshow visit:

The Queensland Government’s Digital Professional Workforce Action Plan is working to supply an additional 10,000 digital professionals in Queensland by 2024.

Find out more about digital careers.