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Discover a career with a sense of purpose and pride


If you are interested in a career where you can make a difference in your community, have endless opportunities for career growth and explore a diverse range of roles, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) has a role for you. 

To become a Queensland police officer, you must successfully complete the selection process to receive an offer to join the 8-month recruit training program at one of the Queensland Police Service Academies (QPSA), in either Brisbane or Townsville. 

The selection process comprises several stages including the Queensland Police Service Entrance Assessment (QPSea), a panel interview, pre-entry medical assessment, integrity vetting, and more.

The QPSea assesses literacy, numeracy, reasoning and writing ability, all crucial skills for success during academy training and as a frontline police officer. School leavers may qualify for an exemption if they have an ATAR of at least 80 with a C or pass grade in English and General Maths. 

Recruits receive a training salary and may be eligible for free academy accommodation. During training, they examine problems taken from everyday policing situations, developing their decision-making skills to aid in solving operational policing issues. Additionally, they undergo extensive training in physical skills, driving, firearms and other operational skills to ensure they are suitably prepared for their roles as police officers. 

Upon successfully completing training at the academy, recruits are inducted as First Year Constables (FYCs), and receive further training, mentorship, and assessment on the job for 12 months.

First Year Constable, Angelina Korshun, recently graduated from the QPSA at Oxley in Brisbane. “During training I gained valuable skills in various aspects of law and ethics, developing teamwork, and enhancing leadership abilities. The experience at the QPSA allowed me to be more involved in the community, contributing to a sense of purpose and pride in service as a Queensland police officer,” she said. 

Once First Year Constable training is complete, officers continue as frontline General Duties officers on tenure for three years, supporting the public and investigating matters. After this time, an officer may apply for vacant positions in specialist units such as Dog Squad, Water Police or Road Policing to name just a few. 

When considering career options, you should consider how the organisation’s values align with your own values. This exercise is often useful to help prepare for an interview to demonstrate your suitability. The values of the QPS are integrity, professionalism, community, and respect and fairness. Before joining the QPS, Constable Korshun volunteered extensively at organisations including the SES, Multicultural Family Organisation and others. Volunteering is a powerful act that shows commitment to the community and an applicant’s alignment with the QPS values.

If you have effective communication and problem-solving skills, the drive and ambition to make a difference, and value fairness and integrity, visit to learn more about a career as a Queensland police officer.