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Technology and Digital

It takes a skill of innovation, attention to detail and knowledge to work in this fast paced, world dominating industry. With so many opportunities and high level demand, many would say that a job in technology will change the world, touching every corner of the globe.

About the industry

In our 21st century global landscape the technology environment is one of, if not the leading industry of the world. Those mobile phones we rely on to stay connected, the computers we use to document our revolutionary ideas and even our transport systems are all being made possible by the insightful, complex work of global leaders behind these systems. The technology sector comprises many businesses that work to sell exceptional goods and services specifically in electronics, software, computers and even artificial intelligence that are used to make our lives more efficient than ever before.

The Technology and Digital industry needs...

Movers create innovation and approach work with an out-of-the box ideas to problem solving, which is always needed in tech.

Planners keep teams, projects, and goals on track as they are aware of the bigger picture and the small steps that need to take place to achieve the end result.

Connectors bring people together collaboratively and inclusively.

Thinkers interpret data and drive decision making through their analysis of data

Expectation Vs Reality

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    Math Skills

    A Myth we hear about the industry is you have to be good at math and science

    There are so many diverse skills needed

    In reality, not all jobs in tech are focused on math and science. There are many roles in a tech company such as marketing, design, product development, etc. that are not focused on math and science.
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    Computer science isn’t feminine

    Many think that roles in the tech industry are not for women

    We need females tech leaders

    Without women in technology we wouldn’t even have had the first coding language or got man to the moon
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    Poor working conditions

    The working conditions aren’t flexible

    Flexibility is what the technology industry is built off

    Many cybersecurity professionals work non- standard hours – remember, hackers aren’t always working 9-5 in and in your time zone! Work from home, or from an office – there are many options.

What positive impact does the tech industry have on the world?

Technology is important because it can be found everywhere. Technology has saved lives, allowed for improved and faster communication, and accessibility to resources across the world. There isn't one other industry that technology has not touched and improved. In general, technology has helped the world by increasing accessibility and connectivity.

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