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The manufacturing industry is one of the most important industries in our Australian and global society, responsible for producing our goods and services that we rely on daily.

About the industry

Businesses rely on products to produce sales for consumers. Manufacturing combines the use of labor, creativity and insight to produce goods and machines for use or for sale.

Manufacturing sector covers work performed in the electronics industry, mechanical industry, energy industries, food and beverage industries, plastic industry, metalworking industries, transport and telecommunications industries, chemical or physical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products.

The Manufacturing industry needs...

Movers deliver high results for the manufacturing industry. They like to reach goals and have a results-oriented mindset

Planners plan innovative industry solutions and implement these in an effective way that meets deadlines

Connectors bring the values of diversity, teamwork and collaboration to the workplace and bring a sense of cohesion to the team

Thinkers use logic, facts and creativity to devise solutions that endeavours to produce new ideas for the manufacturing industry

Expectation vs Reality

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    Robotics is taking over manual labour

    Manual work in the manufacturing industry will be needed as everything will be powered by robotics

    Demand is high, people are needed

    Manufactured goods account for over two-thirds of world merchandise trade. A country that cannot successfully export manufactures will be shut out of most trade, we are buying more goods than ever before so we need workers in the industry to keep up with the demand.
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    Old and outdated

    Manufacturing is an “old” or “outdated” industry

    Innovation and new world ideas are at our core

    Manufacturing is not an “old” industry. It is in fact the most innovation-intensive sector in the whole economy — and no country can be an innovation leader without the ability to apply innovation in manufacturing.

What positive impact does the manufacturing industry have on the world?

The manufacturing footprint on society spans far and wide, with the industry contributing to the success of many of our well known businesses and economic trade across the world. Many would underestimate the pure impact of this sector, but you just have to look at the average life of a contemporary Australian who is surrounded by and completely reliant on thousands upon thousands of manufactured goods, whether that be working, eating, driving, flying, sleeping, playing, or relaxing. Judging by the sheer volume of stuff in our lives, manufacturing plays a very important role in how we live day to day.

Our manufacturing partners