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Agriculture and Fisheries

Australia’s agriculture industry involves anything that is grown or raised for human use.

About the industry

The Agriculture industry is responsible for the production of products and services including produce, livestock, flowers, lumber and harvesting plants. These are placed on the shelves for society to sell and consume, producing a world fueled by nutrition and economic security.

The development of agriculture spans thousands of years and has been affected by human cultures, climate variations, and evolving technologies. Despite the industry’s evolution over the centuries, all types of farming rely on innovative, 21st century methods to nurture healthy crops and species.

Fisheries and aquaculture research helps support sustainable and profitable fisheries and aquaculture sectors through innovative research in collaboration with other scientific organisations and industry.

The Agriculture and Fisheries industry needs...


... to delegate tasks in a skilful, motivated way and inspire team members to perform their best


... to have a keen eye for details and make quick, practical decisions in a fast paced working environment


... to have a people centred approach and be considerate of the individuals of which this industry is benefiting


... to naturally lead projects and tasks in a logical, well thought out and considered way

Expectation vs Realitypectation vs Reality

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    The industry is just farming

    Many people believe that the agriculture industry just involves being outdoors farming plants

    The Agriculture industry is diverse

    This is an industry that has an enormous impact on the world around us, with so many job roles to explore.


Agriculture is the leading industry for promoting environmentally conscious practices across the world. Benefits of the agriculture business include lower greenhouse gas emissions, minimal transportation requirements, and reduced energy use for food production. Green positive impacts span not just in the products but it also employs more than one billion people and generates over $1.3 trillion dollars worth of food annually.

Our agriculture and fisheries partners