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This International Women’s Day we’re #breakingthebias, one conversation at a time.

Conversations about gender bias play a critical part in increasing knowledge, understanding and awareness of the issue. In this series of exclusive videos celebrating 2022 International Women’s Day, we hear perspectives from those impacted by gender bias, particularly during the career-advisory period in their lives, including female students, educators, women working in roles and industries currently underrepresented by women, as well as those who stand with them to #breakthebias preventing girls from pursuing any career pathway of their choosing.

#BreakTheBias Conversation 1

Have you challenged your own understanding of ‘gender bias’ lately? Can you distinguish between overt and covert acts of bias? What does it look like, feel like, or sound like on a daily basis? In this video we explore different perspectives that have shaped each individual’s understanding of gender bias today.

#BreakTheBias Conversation 2

“When I walk into a room I can be pretty confident that assumptions were made about my capabilities, my interests, or my talents, all because of my gender” - Autumn Pierce, UNIQ You. In this video we hear personal accounts of being the subject of, or witness to, gender bias.

#BreakTheBias Conversation 3

Is your organisation maximising the possibilities available to it by providing equal opportunities, visibility and participation of women and girls? As explored in this discussion, the end game isn’t to eliminate differences between genders, it’s to afford all genders an equal voice, and reap the benefits of doing so.

#BreakTheBias Conversation #4

At UNIQ You we are committed to breaking the gender bias that exists within the career advisory process. If we are going to see real change and empower girls to pursue pathways into industries and roles under-represented by women, we have to increase our awareness of, and address, gender bias as early as possible.

#BreakTheBias Conversation #5

Conversations are the critical kick-off point for action. In this video, a variety of ideas are presented about how we - companies, educators, schools, parents and the girls themselves - can be proactively tackling gender bias during the career advisory process, to provide girls the inspiration, confidence and safety to pursue ‘non-traditional’ pathways.