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Meet Cherelle from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries


Ever thought about a career maintaining sustainable fisheries resources? Meet Cherelle.

For years, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) has played a vital role in enabling the production and protection of food and fibre for Queenslanders and the world. From the land to the sea. From the bush to the city. From hard-working families to global trade relationships. From connected communities to prosperity for all.

It’s rewarding work, but it’s never been easy. For our talented, down-to-earth, resilient people, that’s all the more reason to keep coming back. Every day’s different and so is every team, but we’re united by service and purpose. Together, we’re moving forward, from a proud past towards a prosperous future.

Working for us will help you find purpose you feel, impact you see, and a legacy you bring to life. 

You could be a part of our future, like Cherelle.

Cherelle has found purpose in helping maintain sustainable fisheries resources for all Queenslanders.

To find out more about Cherelle and working for DAF, jump over to DAF’s Careers YouTube channel to watch a video.