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Trang Pham

from Retail Assistant to Civil Engineer
I make sure that the cities around us can be accessed by everyone in the community!
Construction and infrastructure, Transport, Logistics and Warehousing
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  • Failing and having to repeat uni courses
  • Studying a dual degree of engineering and marketing
  • Finding my passion for urban redevelopment

About me

  • International Experience

Even though most of my senior school subjects were in the STEM field, engineering wasn’t on my radar until I saw a documentary about the extension of a subway line in America. I honestly don’t remember the details of the documentary but what stuck with me was how engineering could change the lives of a community – opening possibilities just by moving people from point A to point B!

I would like to think that I did well at university, however I graduated several years after some of my peers due to needing to repeat some classes. Even though I pursued a dual degree of civil engineering and marketing, I graduated with no graduate role and spent six months in retail management before using the skills from my studies in the corporate world of IT and engineering. 

Now, I’m a civil engineer who is helping our clients develop communities and public spaces across Australia.

About my role

As a civil engineer within the Built Environment, we’re driven by a passion for urban development and regeneration. We recognise that engineering is at every touchpoint of our lives and so when we practise engineering excellence that has humanity at its heart, we’re creating a positive legacy that will make a difference in the lives of current and future generations.

By exploring how different groups of people move and use spaces to define the needs and interests of the people using it, we are changing the environment so that different groups of people can co-exist. It’s about opening up the space so individuals in the community can feel valued and purposeful with a sense of belonging.

We create these spaces by working collaboratively with architects, urban designers, landscape architects and building engineers.

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  • High School Certificate
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing)


  • Chemistry
  • Engineering/Engineering Skills
  • Mathematical Methods (Maths B)
  • Physics
  • Specialist Mathematics (Maths C)


  • Engineers Australia – Recognised as one of ten emerging women in engineering
  • Consult Australia Awards for Excellence – 2019 Future Leader Nomination


  • Cooking
  • Rock climbing
  • Travel


  • 1 Chickens

15 year old me!!

“Don’t ever think that just because you do things differently, you’re wrong. (Gail Tsukiyama)”

My career journey

Curious to know how I got here? Here’s a snapshot of my career pathway.
  1. Failed one university subject three times
  2. Graduated with no ‘Graduate’ Role
  3. Worked in Retail and IT before working in Engineering
  4. Shifted from Transport Infrastructure Market to Built Environment Market.
  5. Moved Overseas

My employer

At Aurecon, we are proud to champion female graduates and leaders who are making an impact in the science, technology and engineering industries. In 2023, we were recognised as Australasia’s most innovative company in professional services by The Australian Financial Review. In the same year, we have also been praised for our efforts in sustainability, digital transformation and graduate employment. We believe it’s time to design a world where people and the planet can flourish together. We devise sustainable and innovative solutions to solve complex problems, and we want unconventional thinkers and dedicated doers like you to help change the world with us. Aurecon is an international design, engineering and advisory company that bring ideas to life to create a better future for all.