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Advisor Resource and Training Hub

Welcome and thank you for supporting UNIQ You by being one of our amazing Advisors!

Below is a series of videos and documents that will ensure this is an awesome experience for both you and the young women you speak with.

We look forward to learning alongside you as we build our advisor capacity to empower young women around Australia.

If at any stage you are unable to locate any information you require or just need some extra support, please reach out to the UNIQ You team via [email protected]

3 Ways You Can Speak to Students (Session Formats)

In this video, we’ll cover:

  • The 3 session formats (One-on-One, Small Group & Presentation)
  • What you can expect from each type of session and what is required of you
  • A few HOT TIPS to set yourself up for a great session
  • Plus, an important reminder about your UNIQ and inspirational journey!

Talking With Teen Girls

In this video, we’ll cover:

  • Child Safety (important documents to review before commencing)
  • How to talk with teen girls
  • Using the questions or session guide
  • How to end the session

Review our Child Safety policy here.

Review our Terms of Use here.


In this video, we’ll cover:

  • Testing your camera, speaker and microphone before your first UNIQ You session
  • How to enable video and audio settings inside a Zoom meeting
  • How often to run a Zoom test to ensure a great quality UNIQ You session

Bookings (How it Works) – Coming Soon


We recommend using this Icebreaker activity to kick off your One-on-One conversations. This will help to build a connection with the student before you jump into things.

HOT TIP: For Small Group calls, we recommend the This or That game.

Beach or Pool, Taylor Swift or Harry Styles, Rom-Com or Horror (or make up your own!)

Go around the circle (make sure you choose your This or That) and everyone explains their choice briefly.

Helpful Documents


  • Pre-Call Conversation Questions: A document provided to Educators and Students as a prompt during sessions or to brainstorm their questions beforehand.
  • Presentation Themes: An outline of the 3 themes schools can choose from for a Presentation, PLUS examples of what you might share based on the theme.