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A snapshot from our 2022 Annual Report


After completing our first full year of service, we have been thrilled to share our 2022 Annual Report with key partners and collaborators.

Before we jump into the highlights, a few words reflecting on 2022 from our Chair of the Board, Matt Lee: 

“Although 2022 was not without its challenges as COVID lockdowns and floods impacted families, schools, and industry…the many calls that did take place between grade 9 to 10 girls and Advisors were high quality and of high value as our survey results show. This gives the Board great confidence that, as we enter our second year of operations, we will see significant growth in the use of our service and therefore the number of girls who have the opportunity to consider alternate career paths.”

And a few more from our CEO & Founder, Tanya Meessmann: 

“In our first year, we’ve already begun to see the incredible impact that facilitating personalised one-on-one conversations between girls in high school and women in industry can have with over 90% of surveyed students reporting increased knowledge and confidence to pursue pathways into male-dominated industries, and over 90% of surveyed educators reporting an increased confidence to advise students about pathways available to them within these industries.” 

2022 Participating Schools 

In 2022 UNIQ You’s reach grew to a total of 24 schools and educational organisations extending throughout Far North Queensland, Central Queensland and South East Queensland. You can refer to the adjacent map for a breakdown across the state. 

Pre-Call Insights

What we can glean from the data is that students are identifying a low to medium level of knowledge, confidence, or interest in either the industry or job role that they’re speaking to us about, prior to having their call. This is mirrored when it comes to educators who are providing their advice and guidance to students.

Post-Call Insights 

The results demonstrate UNIQ You as a service is showing very strong early results when it comes to increasing the knowledge, confidence, and interest or intent to pursue across both students and educators as well as gathering feedback at how inspirational, knowledgeable and approachable the advisors are involved, who volunteer their time for the platform.

Our 2022 Projects 

Across the year we also undertook multiple projects that extended the services impact and awareness amongst our key audiences. From online forums to our International Day of the Girl Breakfast, you can read all about the activities here.  

By all accounts in 2022, UNIQ You has had a real impact in broadening the awareness, understanding and attraction to lesser known industries for girls’ career pathways and in 2023 we’re looking forward to building on these achievements and continuing to scale the service to further our contribution to achieving gender equality.


Interested in partnering with UNIQ You? As one Advisor from the utilities sector put it: “The more companies that join UNIQ You the more diversity there is for the girls to talk to different women that are doing different types of work. I think that’s invaluable”. So do we! 

If you’d like to join the movement, get in touch with our CEO and Founder Tanya Meessmann on [email protected]