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Construction and infrastructure

Apprentice Carpenter

I complete carpentry work on commercial buildings.
  • Confident
  • Humorous
  • Independent
  • Observant
  • Sociable

About this role

  • Communication
  • Enthusiasm for learning
  • Teamwork

Carpentry involves a variety of different aspects, involving both timber and steel products. There are a few different types of areas of carpentry; residential, commercial and industrial.

Daily tasks include formwork, cladding, timber seating, timber flooring, window sills, timber door jambs and marking out doors and fitting off door hardware.

An Apprentice Carpenter works very closely with qualified Carpenters to develop and improve their skills and techniques in the trade. While gaining independence and problem solving skills to attack projects on their own. Carpenters interact and work with many different people onsite including Site Managers, Foreman and subcontractors. They communicate with them to identify possible issues onsite, while also recognising and isolating safety issues.


  • Prefer not to disclose

Working Environment

  • Construction site
  • Outside


  • Meeting new people
  • Professional development
  • Rostered days off