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Parent/Carer Informed Consent Form


Your daughter (or child under your care) has requested to take part in UNIQ YOU’s online career advisory service.  

UNIQ YOU is a ground-breaking service and online platform that directly connects high school girls and their Guidance/Career Officers with women advisors in industries under-represented by women for career pathway education and advice through cutting-edge technology tools.

For this to occur, your informed consent is required.

1. Participation and Supervision

  • The online meetings take place between the Student, Educator and a female Industry Advisor.  
  • The Educator may be the Careers Officer, Guidance Counsellor, Chaplain, Teacher or other school/college employed adult.  
  • Your school will ensure that an Educator is always in attendance on the call between the students and the Industry Advisor. 
  • This service may occur during lesson time or within the broader school day.

2. Recordings & Image Use

  • Each video call between an Advisor, Student and Educator will be recorded. 
  • Selected recordings may be made available to industry partner coordinators for training purposes.
  • UNIQ YOU would like on occasion to use the video/audio recordings to showcase useful answers and insights into industry and pathways at a later date through video content production. Video/Images may also be published on our website and promotional materials.
  • You consent and confirm that your daughter (or child under your care) can have their image shared via video, print and electronic media in accordance with the UNIQ YOU’s privacy policy.  I understand that this could also result in my child’s/wards image being viewed outside Australia.

3. Data Capture, Storage and Use

  • The Educator, assisted by the student, will complete survey questions to assist in matching the student with their chosen career/industry advisor. 
  • Data captured may involve but not limited to the students name and email address, subject preferences and career preferences. 
  • Identifiable information will not be shared with industry partners/advisors and will be kept confidential by UNIQ YOU, however aggregated non-identifiable information will be used for a variety of research purposes and may be provided across (but not limited to): company website, social media, internal and external reports.

Consent provided on this form will be considered valid for the duration of UNIQ YOU’s privacy policy.  Our full Privacy Policy and further information on UNIQ YOU may be found at

You can change your preference at any time by letting us know in writing at [email protected]