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Demand grows for people with digital and IT skills


These days, it’s essential for everyone to have digital skills – not only for career progression but also to connect with online communities and access information and services. 

Due to a growing demand for Queenslanders with digital and IT skills, Queensland industries and business leaders are forecasting the need for tens of thousands of digital workers in our state. 

As a result of this demand, the employment and career opportunities open to people with digital skills means there’s never been a more important time for people to learn and improve their digital skills.   

There’s a diverse range of digital career options in many different industries, not only the digital industry, whether you’re a software developer, small business owner, an engineer, or a teacher you need to have digital skills.

A career in digital can also lead you into highly paid and specialised roles such as cyber security, robotics, screen and media, gaming and virtual reality, just to name a few.  

Digital careers can be exciting and offer many benefits including the option to work from anywhere around the world, career progression, and excellent remuneration.  

Figures released by the Technology Council of Australia in 2022 indicate that technology sector jobs pay 64% more per week than the economy-wide average and on an hourly basis, entry level tech sector jobs pay 32% more than the economy-wide average.. 

Amelia St Baker, a Digital Strategist at St Baker Energy Innovation Fund, said her advice to a young person wishing to go into a digital career is just to get started and keep learning, because your digital skills are really going to be valuable, pretty much anywhere. 

Study choices to get you into employment can range from short courses to university study, depending on the career path you want to take.

The Queensland Government’s Digital Professional Workforce Action Plan 2020-2024 outlines an $8 million investment to boost the number of Queenslanders skilling, re-skilling and upskilling for this expected upsurge in digital related jobs.

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