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Brooke Martinsen

from Freight Officer to Rail Operations Manager
I look after the Qube Trains in North Queensland
Transport, Logistics and Warehousing
Qube Holdings
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Ask me about

  • Working in the office of a Freight company
  • Becoming a supervisor at a medical waste company
  • Moving to Townsville on a whim
  • Working my way up the ranks at Qube

About me

  • Regional Background

After High School I started work with a Freight Delivery company in NSW in an Operations Administration role. I then moved to a Logistics Supervisor with a Medical Waste company, scheduling up to 26 drivers to collect controlled waste throughout the Greater Sydney area.

After visiting Townsville on a holiday, I made the decision to move there as the city just had something that drew me in. In Townsville I joined a temp-agency and was placed with a Logistics Company as an Admin Assistant and progressed to Admin Manager.

An opportunity came about to assist with a transition project following Qube acquiring a North QLD based transport company, so I applied for the position of Admin Manager and was successful.This started my journey with Qube. There was a lot to be done and I sunk my teeth into every bit of it. It was a fantastic experience and an unmatched learning opportunity. I’d not had much to do with transitions so this was all new and very exciting.

And the rest I guess you would say is history.

Over the past 11 years with Qube, I’ve had the privilege to travel throughout QLD assisting with the start-up of new operations and assist other divisions who don’t have staff based in North Queensland. This has been great exposure to what Qube has to offer as a company and the limitlessness of the Transport & Logistics Industry.

About my role

  • Imaginative
  • Independent
  • Reliable
  • Thorough
  • Witty

I liaise daily between all different departments (customers, senior management, safety, compliance, planning etc) on the day-to-day Operations and on-going projects to do with the Train Services in North Queensland. You have to be a bit of a “jack” for this role (Jack of all trades).

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  • High School Certificate


  • General Mathematics (Maths A)


  • Cooking
  • Gardening


  • 1 Dog
  • 2 Cat

My career journey

Curious to know how I got here? Here’s a snapshot of my career pathway.
  1. First full-time job
  2. First supervisory role
  3. Moved to Townsville/ NQ
  4. Became Admin Manager and then Operations Manager
  5. Moved from Road Transport to Rail Operations

My employer

Qube is Australia’s largest integrated logistics provider focused on import and export supply chains. Qube operates in over 135 locations across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia with a workforce of over 6500 employees.